Online Consultation

Struggling with pain? Hesitating to move due to fear of a flare up? Or just finding it hard to do activities due to mobility issues?

Are you stuck in the same daily movement routine day in, dayout?


Do none of the above apply and you just need help with your training routine?

Looking at ways to push past plateau’s and improve strength, global function and current mobility/flexibility?

Online Consultation Benefits

  • - Clear & structured plan
  • - Improve strength
  • - Increase joint awareness and function
  • - Encourage movement patterns
  • - Mitigate injuries
  • - Reduce pain during activities of daily living
  • - Education & understanding of body essentials to help manage a healthy lifestyle
  • - Ongoing support to help you achieve your goals

Online Consultation Process

  • - Detailed & thorough subjective assessment
  • - Thorough visual movement analysis
  • - Education & advise on current findings
  • - Goal setting
  • - Specific customised plan to suit current current levels with ways to modify to fit around your current lifestyle
  • - Continued support where needed via: video calls/email/messages
  • - Online Strength & Training Program members will have further benefits including forthrightly check-ins/members FB forum/24-7 support.

There are 3 options that we offer depending on your goals/issue:

Pain & Rehab Pathway

Joint Mobility Training Plan

Strength & Training Program

Physiotherapy Pain & Rehab Pathway

This program is suited to those individuals that are currently experiencing pain/discomfort, whether it be a new condition/a chronic recurring issue/post-op patient/exercise induced pain/etc.

Strength and Mobility Online Coaching

Will benefit individuals that are looking at improving joint function/ usual aches and pains due to stress, work/want to improve movement patterns and positions i.e. squats/splits/overhead work/etc. Suited for individuals looking at improving strength/body composition (increase muscle mass/lose body fat percentage)/ sports specific training/gym OR home training programs.

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