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Move well lower limb mobility program

Are you tired of waking up every morning with achy knees or hips?

Do you want to be able to squat deeper?

Worried about playing with your kids for the fear of flaring up your back pain?

We all want to be able to move well especially as we age and head into later years.  You want to be able to get from A to B as safely and most efficient way that you can without aggravating any symptoms.  This is dependent on how much mobility you have. 

Mobility is dependable per individual and what their goal is to be, whether it is to squat deeper or be able to do the splits or get up and down stairs pain free or be able to play with your kids on the floor and be able to get up with no issues. 

Exploration of our joints is crucial especially with the day and age that we live in currently where everything is available at the click of a button.


the program:

This program is designed to help you work through different areas of the lower body to improve mobility and strength, day to day function, increase body awareness and most importantly to aim for joint longevity. 

This is a 90 day program.  First 30 days are the base introductory drills to help the nervous system in adjusting to the change in movement patterns.  They are then progressed every 30 days with challenging drills. 

Keep in mind that for any changes to take place, consistency and time is needed hence why the 90 day period.  At the end of the program, this can then be restarted should you wish.  You have lifetime access to this program.

Each session should take around 30 minutes to complete – initial sessions might take longer and timings can be adjusted to fit into the daily routine.

what do you get?

You will have access to our exercise library and be able to download our app straight to your phone so the drills can be practiced anywhere at any time.

A welcome pack detailing current structure and what to expect month to month.

Invitation to join a private Facebook group where you can discuss with other members of the Step Up Community and have access to additional resource tools and weekly mobility challenges.

here is a demo of what to expect from the video tutorials

Demo video to go here

Cost of all this for only £79.99

Price: £ 79.99