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It can be quite daunting to start a fitness regime if suffered or currently experiencing pain, limiting movement patterns and exercises that aggravate symptoms, especially if you have tried many routines and exercises with little to no effect.

Step Up Strength is designed to help individuals improve physical strength globally, increase muscle mass and joint mobility whether it be at a gym or at home.  It is a basic yet effective evidence based program that does not involve over complicated routines.  This involves a step by step process, starting with a initiation call & detailed assessment to identify current ability and limiting movement patterns, from which a tailored program is designed consisting of strength focused & mobility exercises to help achieve the goals that you have selected.

We believe, strength training is poorly applied within programs/exercises these days resulting to poor outcomes & changes and more so an increased risk of injuries. This then tends to lead to decreased confidence and reduced compliance rate. 

Here, it is our role to help educate individuals in the importance and benefits of strength training especially as we age to ensure self independence and longevity is sought after.  Care is taken to instruct the individual on different approaches and exercise alternatives to help reach the same goal and overcome injuries to beat personal best markers, improve joint mobility and overall day to day function while being pain free.

Close support is given in the form of weekly check-ins for accountability, daily support via messages for queries such as technique guidance and overall advise, a monthly review call to re-test joint and strength assessment to measure progress and then to be set-up for the next month ahead.

You will have your own members area on the website to review your program and advise with the option of downloading the app to your phone, which you can then take to the gym if needed.  It also gives you exclusivity to join the Step Up Strength Facebook Group Community where further support and guidance can be attained and allows you to speak to the other members currently on a similar path.

If you are looking to improve strength, flexibility, reduce pain and have the accountability with scientific and evidence based programming then please fill out the short form below to be then booked onto your discovery call.

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