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It can be quite daunting to start a fitness regime if suffered or currently experiencing pain, limiting movement patterns and exercises that aggravate symptoms, especially if you have tried many routines and exercises with little to no effect.

Are we the right fit for you?

- If you are not interested in achieving long term results and are happy with being mediocre then this won’t work
- If you want someone to directly spoon feed you with training and a “diet” plan then this is not for you
- And if you are not interested in building the foundations required to be robust and resilient towards the demands of day to day tasks and establishing strength & mobility, then this most definitely is not for you

We don’t just provide “6 week weight loss transformation” programs.

This is online coaching, personal to you, where by we coach you to build an overall package, encompassing strength, mobility, stability and flexibility and prioritising health and longevity as the main focal point.

Are you looking to get through your days, months and years without having to worry about being in pain or avoiding particular movements with exercise or during activities of daily living, while at the same time build a body so strong that it resembled the greek gods?

Well, if this is you, then keep reading!

You most likely have landed on this page because you are intrigued about making some changes within yourself such as improving your strength, mobility, flexibility, physique and all while trying to find a fine balance between having a life & spending eternity in the gym.

Now, a common theme here is that, you will read this page (or some of it) and have a nose at our social media and think “yeah I could do that”

But instead of taking action now, you won’t.

And then, later on, look back and actually take some positive action but regret not doing it sooner.

….And this is all quite normal.

We all go through it when we are challenged and pushed outside of our comfort zone.

If you continue to read on, hopefully you will see why the clients that we work with have all been action takers and have reaped rewards from it.

Have you been going to the gym but struggling to see any progress?

Maybe you’ve never really committed to achieving a set goal.

You have tried many different training programs, seen multiple “specialists” but still, nothing seems to work.

Then you must read this…

Ask yourself this:

- Has my strength improved since I began training?
- Has my mobility improved since I began training?
- Has my flexibility improved since I began training?
- Can I move pain free?

If you answered “no” to any of the above then please keep reading.

We know that being pain free, and to be able to move without having to worry about which is the “safest” position to be in, and to have sufficient strength and mobility for daily tasks is the ultimate goal

Which is completely normal.

This is exactly where my client Bud was before he came on board, having gone through multiple programs without success, and struggled with pain while at work, limited mobility and lacking strength to match the demands. Having previously not being able to squat due to pain and restrictions to now more confident and participating in regular strength training.

(picture/video here)

We did this by first addressing limitations and getting a clear understanding of what he thought was going on.

Made some subtle changes and introduced certain patterns to address the misconceptions and limitations.

The program that has been prescribed, had to be designed for it to be achievable as time was an issue due to shift pattern at work

Above is just an example of certain measures that are taken to help ensure each clients success.

And then we have my other client, Courtney, who again came to me with severe knee pain especially with exercise, having tried other programs which yielded little to no improvements. Fast forward to now and she is now able to do all exercises, especially knee dominant ones that once aggravated her symptoms, giving her the confidence in her ability and lead to her first powerlifting competition.

(picture/video here)

Or Emily, one of my other clients that had gone through an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction surgery, and where her previous rehab input was limited leading to a slower progress. Since we have worked together, each month has shown significant improvements especially in her strength and more importantly in her confidence.


I do not want you to be limited in your potential of achieving greatness within your health, fitness & rehab journey.

I want you to succeed, but most importantly, I want you to have as much knowledge as possible so that you are fully equipped to deal and manage issues that once would have been troublesome.

My goal is to impart my understanding on to my clients so that one day they have the needed knowledge to self manage and progress with their issues and plan programs without the need for any support or guidance.

My approach is quite straight forward, I stick to the one rule of SIMPLE > COMPLEXITY.

My time and focus is centred towards sticking to the basics, in building that foundational base, and at times we might start to dabble in something slightly outside of this but only if clinically reasoned and needed.

This approach does not sound or look fancy but it is one that will deliver results.

A lot of care, time and pride goes in to each of the relationships that I build with my clients, it is more than just a physio or a personal trainer service that I offer - I am offering a Step Up Strength Coaching concept

“So what is involved in this coaching process” you ask?

- Weekly check-ins with me. Here we look over your whole week, and explore the training numbers, address specific findings and detailed reasoning as to why we are making changes or doing what we are.

- A fully tailored training program that is specific to your current lifestyle & goals.
- I use a graded integration method to allow for optimal tracking of your progress.
- We will address all limitations currently present and I will teach you the process so you have a good understanding of how to overcome those obstacles.
- Look at lifestyle factors and how to best work with them.
- Review your exercise techniques via video and help address some misconceptions and myths revolving around exercise.
- Access to the coaching portal and training app with all your progress data and a growing exercise library.
- Full contact and support via the messaging system in the portal/app.
- Full-on guarantee to the best results as long as the work is adhered to.

So, I bet you are wondering how much does this cost?

All of the prices are the same for each client that comes on board depending on the level of service required.

They are not disclosed here but range from monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and even year long coaching options.

So, if you are looking to get involved then first we set up an initial consultation call where we can discuss all the above and in more detail and more importantly to see if this is a good fit.

There is no obligation but a much better way to find out if my coaching services are right for you.

Still not sure?

Think of it like this….

How much do you spend on things that you don’t need?

Repeat treatment sessions from a physio/chiro/osteo for your injuries that never seem to improve?

Monthly supplements that most likely do not yield as great results that they tend to claim?

Generic training programs that do not address your current requirements?

Self aid tools that say they help mobility, strength, pain, flexibility but do nothing despite regular usage.

Above are just some examples that might make a temporary change but will not have a long term impact, meaning you will be spending a lot more money than my coaching services.

So if any of the below sounds like something you can handle:

Actual tangible results that last and that you can see happening within the gym setting but most importantly outside when exposed to your daily environment. Coaching you for life.

A customised training program that works for you. Specific to your circumstances.

Adopting a phased structure so you know when to push forward and when to put the brakes on. Giving you the control.

Hands on coaching for an online world. The ability to contact me whenever should you need.

Then hit the link button below and lets get a call scheduled.

Once you have filled in your details and submitted the form, you will be that step closer towards achieving your strength and mobility goals for good.

You will be fully equipped and able to manage current limitations or any future symptoms that might arise.

Feel confident to take part in activities and tasks that once might have been deemed fearful, unsafe and very challenging.

What is even better is that you will most likely not have to spend hours in the gym to achieve the results you are after.

In fact, we apply a strategic plan of applying a minimal dosage in order to achieve optimal results meaning not countless hours are wasted on doing exercises, where those extra hours can then be devoted towards something more meaningful to you such as spending time with family, taking up a hobby, or at times the extra workload that needs to be done due to time deadlines.

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