Squat Workshop

There are many myths present around the squat exercise that have resulted in a narrow minded approach to movement, deeming all ‘strange’ looking positions or a slight deviation to a ‘perfect’ form to be labelled as an “unsafe” movement that will “cause injuries”.

There are also many individuals that focus majority of their time in prepping and looking to improve mobility for the squat, resulting in the use of passive modalities (such as foam rollers/massage guns/etc) and specialised warm-up protocols that last a fairly long time.

This workshop is designed to address the above and much more looking at:
Myths of squatting
Squat mobility & warm-up
Movement spectrum
Squat variations
Pain & squatting

This is ideal for:
All interested in learning more about squatting, from beginners to experienced

Date of workshop: Saturday 23rd October 2021
Time: 13:30 - 16:30
Cost: £30

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Squat Workshop

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