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Welcome to the Step Up culture, Physiotherapy & Strength!

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About Us

Welcome to the Step Up culture!

Here we take a holistic & individualised approach to your strength & movement journey, through our experience & understanding of the human structure & form.

Step Up is currently comprised of two divisions, physiotherapy and strength.

Step Up Physiotherapy

We have an unconventional approach when it comes to rehabilitation and performance management. We truly understand and appreciate the complexity of the human body, hence why our methods are very simple yet effective. We do not offer quick fixes yet offer solutions encompassing education, issue specific & global active modalities, clear outlined pathway putting you as the individual in charge.

Over years of exposure and experience treating various musculoskeletal conditions, we know that over complicated treatment methods are usually not the solution. Most of the time a simple and basic but consistent strategy is what’s required.

Through our thorough assessment process we can help you to identify possible factors that might contribute towards your symptoms and help put a plan in place to manage and resolve the issue.

If you would like to be booked in for an initial physiotherapy assessment then please get in touch by clicking on the contact us page.

Step Up Strength

We are a privately run personal training gym, which like our counterpart division, provide a very unique and unconventional approach to training. Our core principles revolve around the foundations of human movement, where we apply the relevant approaches needed to help capture and further reinforce the pillars of strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.

Having worked with many individuals with vast array of goals, we know that generic templates are not the answer. Hence why our approach is specialised and targeted to each individual and is something that is provided for our members on initial sign up.

Our focus is to provide our members with education and reasoning for the prescribed programs. We ensure the basics are met first, upon which the layers can then further be developed.

Here’s how it works:

Get in touch via the contact form below with your details where we can get in touch to discuss the option available in.



Our focus is to provide you, the individual with the essential tools to help treat the symptoms and to further mitigate injuries going forward therefore making you less dependent on us (or any other therapist).

Step Up Strength

One to one private sessions from our clinic to help motivated individuals further achieve their goals/get over their plateau’s/sports specific training/training for a sports event.

Online Coaching

Step Up Strength is designed to help individuals improve physical strength globally, increase muscle mass and joint mobility whether it be at a gym or at home.

Online Physiotherapy Consultation

Struggling with pain? Hesitating to move due to fear of a flare up? Or just finding it hard to do activities due to mobility issues? Are you stuck in the same daily movement routine day in, dayout?


Meet Maz, a fully qualified physiotherapist and personal trainer.


Fitness Specialist

“Maz is very professional, quick response to messages and booking. I thought i had sciatica problem during pregnancy but it was a different issue which Maz managed to identify through consultation. He suggested gently exercise for me to do at home and i could see results and improvement very quickly. Very happy and would recommend to anyone."

Lucia Komova


“I've been seeing Maz for a few weeks now for some physio post ACL reconstruction surgery and have just started PT with him. He really knows his stuff and is very knowledgeable! His focus is on ensuring technique is correct and he is very thorough and detailed. What sets Maz apart from other physios/PTs is that he spends time to go through everything in detail. Looking forward to working with Maz over the coming months."

Chirag Patel

Personal Training

“I visited Step Up Physiotherapy about 2 weeks ago with a really painful lower back. Back pain is just the worst and i just didnt know what to do with myself. I contacted Step Up Physiotherapy ans was able to be seen the next day which was amazing! Maz is very knowledgeable and took me through different movements and exercises to try and determine what could have caused my lower back pain. After my second session I felt so much better. I can't recommend enough. Thank you for getting me out of pain so quickly. Maz was professional, made me feel comfortable and explained everything clearly. Thank you again!"

Naomi Siddall